Selecting the Right Doctor

Selecting the Right Doctor

by Shearly (SU)

Changes to healthcare laws and the way insurance works and what’s covered make selecting the right doctor more important than ever. Your primary care doctor is a vital member of your healthcare team. Find out why a small practice may offer the best overall care for your health.


Primary Care Doctor

The right Primary Care Physician, or PCP gives you access to the best possible healthcare. As the “point person” on your medical team, your doctor gets to know you and your health history. He or she knows the specialists you’ve seen and which medications you take. They will help manage your health through acute illnesses or chronic disease, and always explain conditions and treatment options.


Continuity of Care

Healthcare can be big business. More and more, providers work in a large practice where a patient may be seen by a different practitioner at each visit, especially if an appointment is made on short notice in the case of illness. Patients in the Welling and Royal Palm Beach, Florida areas can choose Advanced Medical Clinic for their care, and always see Dr. Ishan Gunawardene or his wife, nurse practitioner Shariffa Gunawardene.


Here are some reasons why continuity of care from your doctor is so important

·       Your whole health picture – if you always see the same doctor, he will know details about your health that can’t all be recorded in your file.

·       Hospital care – if you require treatment in a hospital, the Advanced Medical team will be there to advocate treatments that are in your best interest, keep you and your family informed, and provide first-hand health history information that could significantly improve treatment outcomes.

·       Accessibility – Ask your doctor a question without having to explain symptoms or events that have already been treated.


Advanced Medical Clinic offers personal care with continuity throughout. Call (561) 434-1935 

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