Why Staying with The Same Doctor Is Beneficial

Why Staying with The Same Doctor Is Beneficial

by Yenny (SU)

Doctors want to protect their one-one-one relationship with their patients. Therefore, having a good primary care physician (PCP) or family medicine doctor that has provided care for you anywhere from infancy to adulthood, is beneficial and important for many reasons. A doctor who has taken care of you and sometimes other members of your family, will know you and your medical history inside and out.

For example, some health insurance allows the policy holder to go directly to a specialist when they feel the necessity to do so. However, your primary doctor has a unique knowledge of your health history, and can often consult with you about what type of specialist you may need to go to, or that you might not need to at all. They make it their goal to be the steward of your good health throughout the years, so having a little trust in their expertise can go a long way.

Staying with the same doctor can ensure that you have the best care possible - they listen to your needs, and are able to give you their time and expertise every time they treat you. Since that relationship is developed over time, good quality service and care is guaranteed from a doctor that has known you for a long period of time. Not everyone has the luck and luxury of having access to good healthcare, which is sad, but the rarity of it is a reality. As good care, and a good doctor can often be taken for granted, when a place of good care and compassion is found, count that as a major blessing and stay put. Being with the same doctor and practice as you grow up throughout the stages of life can be a very comforting thing when times get tough. 

At Advanced Medical in Wellington and Royal Palm Beach, Florida, our continuity of care sets us apart from other practices. We ensure your treatment remains consistent and coordinated, so our patients will avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. Our practice understands the importance of quality of life and the meaning of true family health. By providing evidence-based medical care, our patients who stay with us long-term benefit by having a partner whose goal is to be a champion for their good health.  

If it becomes necessary, we will refer you to the best physicians or specialist that is fit to take care of your needs. To learn more about why staying with us is beneficial, call Advanced Medical in Wellington and Royal Palm Beach, Florida at (561) 434-1935 to request an appointment, or you can request an appointment online.